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Loves programming, music and appreciates what God has given us.

I’m a software developer and you can visit my programming blog here. During the weekends, or when I’m not working or spending time with the missus, I enjoy playing music on my bass. Here are some of me and my band’s original composition over the years.

Sometimes, I enjoy going out for a walk and enjoy the life. Here are some of the photos that I’ve taken through out the past couple of years.


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Foggy Morning

- -

It’s currently cold and chilly winter here in Melbourne. While Singapore and Melbourne were affected by the haze from the forest burning in Indonesia, we had a thick fog covering Melbourne in the morning…

fog across Melbourne

fog at the Catholic Church

Greeted by a Couple of Hot Air Balloons

- -

I love going to work early in the morning. The quiteness and calmness of the street makes me appreciate my surrounding.

One day while walking to my work place, a couple of hot air balloons rise up! What a beautiful sight.. Hot air balloon

New Song - Shine

- -

This is a song that I wrote a couple of months back. Since this is my first attempt at lyrics writing and after probably a couple of hours, I wrote a song about asking God to shine his glory on us. Pretty much inspired by Psalm 67 and Psalm 68.

You can listen to the song here. No vocals yet as we’re in the midst of re-recording the vox.

And here are the lyrics:

Felt the thirst at first,
Not the kind I knew,
You found me running dry,
Lift me up so I could fly

Let us sing to the Lord,
Sing praise to his name,
Come rejoice before him,
Saviour and King,

Come into this House O’ Lord and fill us with your Holy Spirit,
Together we will praise your Name,

Shine your light on us,
Let us feel……. your presence ……,
Shine your light on us,
Let us see your glory Lord,

Let the people praise you,
Let the nation rejoice,
Let the land bring a harvest,
A season of rest

I can’t get enough of you……

Programming Blog Has Moved

- -

If you’re looking for ProgRiff’s programming blog, I’ve moved them to my GitHub page.

Going forward, ProgRiff’s entry will be about my life journey, music, pictures and possibly cooking.