Big Day Out 2014

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I was pretty excited about BDO 2014 because it was my first music festival ever since I moved to Melbourne. My main highlights were Violent Soho, Primus, Mud Honey, The Hives, Beady Eye, Arcade Fire and Pearl Jam. Which one was the most memorable? That’ll be Beady Eye. Not because their performance was awesome, but Liam Galagher threw a hissy fit at the end of the gig because the crowd only respond to Oasis songs.

main stage The two main stage at BDO 2014.

Primus Primus with the bass legend, Les Claypool.

The Killers Not a fan of The Killers, but they gave us one hell of a performance!

Mud Honey Mud Honey, which I heard some of the members from Pearl Jam are from.

Beady Eye Beady Eye with the ultimate hissy fit at the end of the show. Basically Oasis without Noel.

Pearl Jam And finally, we have Pearl Jam. Now I can rest in peace.

Everyone enjoying Pearl Jam Everyone enjoying Pearl Jam.