A Camping Trip to Portland

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End of December 2013, our Church’s Young Adults group decided to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Melbourne city. Our group leader, Dara proposed that we drove 4 hours to a town in western Victoria called Portland. Eventhough it is 1 month into summer, the weather was quite cold in Portland. We stayed at a caravan park, but since none of us has a caravan, we stayed in a tent.

Hiking We started our adventure in Portland with a nice bush walking session. Sunset during hiking Until the sun sets….

Light House Jumlie is trying to fit a local light house onto his hand.

Wind turbines Full of wind turbines by the coast. Clean energy for everyone!

beach Eventhough the weather was nice and sunny, the water was pretty cold.

Local tram A local tram carrying mostly visitors.

South Australian border Mount Gambier On our second last day, we drove to a town near the border between South Australia and Victoria called Mount Gambier.